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Here is the featured artwork for the month of May and as always check out and support the artists.

Mature Content

 Cupcakes! by wackyworkbenchzone bride amy by novastarback  

Strawberry Fashion!~ by PurpleTefy Rose Princess by Deroko   Dinner and DisasterDinner and Disaster
"Okay, so Cream is shopping with Amy?" Sonic asked. He checked his list, pencil in hand. Beside him, the little purple baby hedgehog gummed a plastic toy ring, his teeth already growing in. Kicking his feet, the baby threw the ring from his carrier. Sonic caught it without looking and pushed it back into the baby's hands.
"Yes," Tails said. "And they're at the mall, where Cream will keep her busy."
Sonic nodded and checked off that item on his list. "And I gave you the bag? Everything in there?"
"Yes." Tails shouldered the bag stuffed with diapers, pumped milk, books, toys, baby powder, and all the other necessities.
"Hm, I feel like I forgot something," he said, tapping his pencil. He caught the ring again. "What am I forgetting?"
"I know," Tails said.
Sonic looked up, tossing the ring into the carrier. "What?"
"To relax and enjoy yourself," he said, smiling. "It's your anniversary, too." Sonic sighed and returned to the list. "Look, you got the dinner reser

Inked.The constant pulse of the beat tickled the bottom of Amy’s feet like a brush of a birds feather. The only way to get rid of the ticklish feeling was to keep on moving, stomping and swaying her hips in perfect harmony with the music. The pink hedgehog raised both hands above her head, swinging that flawless waist of hers as if she was a belly dancer. In her right hand she held a drink, keeping aware that she had it in that hand, she was careful not to spill it everywhere as she jiggled around the small dance floor.
Towards her left she spotted a white bat climbing on top of a coffee table, wobbling on weak legs she began spinning around and bouncing. Amy looked up, giggling girlishly as Tails leapt onto the sofa to her right, joining in with the fun like a wild animal fist pumping. She felt like her body had broken past the limit, entering a state of euphoria where everything didn’t feel quite real, yet she wanted to stay there in that world of daydreams and not return to re
 Sis puella magica! by PorcelainPrimadonna Amy in the Snow by tea-bug  

Amy: Sakura Fighter by Xero-J Amy Rose by KayeilE  Forgotten Date by Pikoreto
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Please Read the Rules:

:bulletred: Welcome to Amy-Rose-Universe. A place for Amy Fans to enjoy Amy and show off there work of the pink hedgehog.

:star: General group Rules -

:bulletred: Please don`t flame or spam this group or leave
unneccessary comments. Please show respect to all members and group staff. You will be banned if you violate these or any other conditions.

:bulletred: Please post your work in the correct gallery folder. We will remove/decline it if it's not submitted correctly.

:bulletred: Must be a member of the group to submit work and join contests

:star: - Art standard/submission rules

:bulletred: All work should be clean/crisp, scanned correctly and look like some time and effort has been put into it. We want the best quality or as close as you can get to it.

:bulletred: Try to be as close as possible to correct anatomy as it has to make sense unless done on purpose.

:bulletred: Must have presentable coloring quality

:bulletred: Please have proper credits with your artwork

:bulletred: Don't resubmit work unless it was put in the wrong folder

:bulletred: Try to keep the work original and or of your own creativity

:bulletred: Must be your own art not someone else's and don't request anyone else's work into the group. Please submit your own work.

:bulletred: Try to keep the work clean and if it's on the risky side or close to it than please handle it properly

:star: What's NOT accepted

:bulletred: Any work on lined/squared paper
:bulletred: messy, sloppy, rushed work
:bulletred: poorly scanned artwork
:bulletred: work is not credited
:bulletred: screenshots and sprites
:bulletred: porn/nudity/explicit work
:bulletred: cosplay and figures
:bulletred: work that looks unfinished
:bulletred: poor lineart or poor presentation/quality of any work
:bulletred: someone else's work
:bulletred: submitted into the wrong section
:bulletred: anything that doesn't meet group standards
:bulletred: violation of any of the submission rules

:star: If your work is removed/declined than please refer to the rules listed above.
There is no ill will or offense to any work that is declined. Failure to cooperate/understand will result in being banned.

:star: Affiliates

:bulletred: Must be Sonic related
:bulletred: NO fan/oc characters

:bulletred: That's all everyone we hope you enjoy the group and the work that is showcased here Amy fans!

In defence of Amy by darkhyliangirl Amy Rose Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki Pro Amy Stamp by DarkSonic250 Amy fan stamp by penelopy-hedgehog Amy Rose (Chronicles) Stamp by Natakiro Amy Rose 2013 by Rosey-Stamps





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